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Recent Site Updates:

07-01-07: Added lyrics for "Summergold". Special thanks to Mark (Delerium) for those lyrics! Added (best guess) lyrics and sample information for "Palaestina". On another note, I having severe computer issues (power supply maybe?) and thus the lack of updates. Looking into getting a new computer, but until then, updates may come slower than normal :D (older updates)

05-12-07: Added lyrics for "Warheads of Humanity" and lots of lyrics for Sacrificare. Thanks Nils for the lyrics! Updated the news section in regards to a forthcoming VT concert. (older updates)



Welcome to Sturmzeit.net! This is the first English site and hopefully the most comprehensive website for the bands Von Thronstahl and The Days of the Trumpet Call as well as related bands or projects their members are a part of.

The website is broken into the following main sections:

News - The most current and update to date news. Release dates, concert appearances, and other note worthy news will be found here.

Discography - The most complete discography of no less than 13 bands, as well as compilation appearances, collaborations, books, promotional items, and clothing.

Glossary - An encyclopedia of detailed entries of items of importance that you can cross-reference easier when reading through the site (Note - I been slacking on the cross-linking to this section, this will get better, promise!)

Info/lyrics - Biographies and lyrics for the projects. Excellent cross references to show what songs appear on what releases.

Feedback is most encouraged! If you see a mistake, please point it out, no matter how small (there are pantloads of spelling errors here, I type this entire website in Notepad ;) ). This site aims to be the most informative site, and this can't be done without input from you,

Anywho, enjoy!

Salute et ad Maiora

-Nick Diak 10/06/05

You need the Anastasia font to view this site properlly. The site is specifically tested for Opera, but IE works fine. Netscape 4 still looks like ass. Also - view the site at 1024 by 768 resolution - it works way better that way (since I am a tard and have my main tables has dynamic % values instead of a static value. But that shall be changed!)