W E I S S G L U T   B I O G R A P H Y

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Weissglut was a rock-metal band that surfaced during the Neue Deutsche Härte era of music in the late 90ies. Though similar bands had been around for quite some time, such as Oomph! and Megaherz, the success of the band Rammstein catapulted the genre, spotlighting existing bands and beckoning new bands, such as Weissglut, to form.

The band’s history itself is fairly short – barely spanning four years. Those four years are however, compacted with lineup changes, reformations, controversy – but the output was undeniable incredible music.

Etwas Kommt in Deine Welt

The beginnings of Weissglut started in 1993, though the band would not officially release a CD until 1998. The early members of Weissglut were Josef and Bernhard, brothers both from the gothic band Forthcoming Fire, Guido Winter, Sid Venus, and Thomas auf dem Berge, who had played with Josef in the punk band Circle of Sig-tui in the 1980ies.

In 1998 Weissglut released their first album which was self-titled. The album generated enough interest that Sony decided to pick up Weissglut. Their self-titled album was released in the later part of 1998 as Etwas Kommt in Deine Welt. Aside from different artwork and the addition of the title track, the two albums were identical.

The band saw great success with this album. Sony was able to promote the band well, and the fans were extremely recipient of the new band.


By this time, controversy began to arise with Weissglut’s lead singer, Josef K. Josef’s extreme political views, along with his views of Sony as a controlling big corporation, met with disfavor with the other band members. To protect themselves from any stigma that Josef could bring to the band, they kicked him out.

Tom v.K became the new vocalist of Weissglut.

In 2000 Weissglut released their next album, Zeichen, which showcased Tom’s vocal work which was well received. Musically, Weissglut evolved from their previous album, and the new vocals highlighted the music. Two singles were released to promote the album, In Mir (with video) and Tanz der Sinne. By this time Bernhard had also left the band.

After Zeichen, the band began to work on new material. The general consensus of the band was that the name Weissglut was too much associated with Josef K. and his political views. The current line up had no wishes of their music or themselves to be associated with Josef.

In April of 2002 Weissglut officially announced that they had dissolved. The remnants of Weissglut would go on to reform as the band Silber

Weissglut Mark 2

When the band reformed as the band Silber, the moniker Weissglut was no longer in use. Josef K. took the opportunity to reform Weissglut with new members, sometimes referred to as Weissglut Mark 2. The lineup for Mark 2 included Josef K., Alex S. (drums), Frank S. (bass), Kay B. (guitar), and Torsten “Suki” H. (keyboards and synth).

With Josef K. in control of the band, a slew of old and unreleased Weissglut material was released. The output was the EP Im Staub Der Rebellion (released 2001) and two versions of Aus Der Dunkelheit Ins Licht on both vinyl and CD (released 2002). The CD version especially highlights the early works of Weissglut with demos and pre-Weissglut tracks.

Despite the releases and the renewed interest in the band, the reformation was very short lived. The band played one concert appearance at the second festival of the German right wing VAWS label on the 14th of December 2002 in Munich. Afterwards, Josef decided to disband Weissglut for personal reasons.